Sketchcross Postmortem 1


  • Kendal Cormany
  • May 4,2015

So this is going to be the first blog in a long running series about my experiences making/shipping Sketchcross as well as shed light on some of the decisions and underlining code that made Sketchcross what it is.

I wanted to start off series of blogs with Completing the game since there were several people by Friday that had already completed the game which to be honest I never expected. I guess I shouldn't be that surprised that some people wanted to power through it in terms of some gamers want to do that. But for Sketchcross specifically that sort of went against the spirit of the game. Nonograms are logic puzzle so part of the point is that they stimulate parts of your brain you normally wouldn't use all that often during the day. That is, at least for me, how I play these games. When I get a puzzle out I like to do about 1 or 2 in a sitting, if I play more I start to get bogged down.

My mentality on how I played these games went into deciding how many puzzles we would put in the game right at launch. I of course wanted as many levels as possible but I figured that if the average completion time would be 4-6 hrs that people would space that out over a week or so. Clearly I underestimated fans of the genre and their skill on these games. I also underestimated the sticking power of Frenzy mode. The idea was to help give legs to the game, that is what randomly generated stuff gives you, added game length and a new game experience every time. Though I love it and play it for about 5ish minuets every day when I have need to others didn't see the appeal.

The good news I can report is I have some new ideas that I am looking into implementing into the game that will increase the value of the product. Oh and I shouldn't forget to say we will be pushing out 20 free levels in June, and then more packs after that as well.

Sketchcross is not a game I want to see people play once and never again, this is a platform that as long as fans support me will grow and grow.